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All Centre's Reopened

Dear families,

We will be back to our regular operating hours starting June 30, 2021. We hope that everyone was able to stay safe during the unprecedented heat wave that took place during the last couple of days.

With the regular lower mainland heat looming ahead of us we would like to remind everyone to please send your child daily with:

  • A full water bottle

  • change of clothes or bathing suit

  • a towel

  • sunscreen- preferably an aerosol or spray type so that application is easier for your child

  • lunch that does not require preparation or refrigeration- during our summer programming months

  • a hat

Unfortunately, without the above mentioned items (i.e.: sunscreen, hat and water bottle), your child may miss out on some exciting activities. The health and safety of all program participants and staff alike are of the upmost importance and sun safety is something we take seriously.


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