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Winter Weather Procedures

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

February 11, 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Lower Mainland is predicted to receive some more inclement weather and we want to remind all parents of our winter weather procedure should we receive a significant amount of snowfall .

We want to ensure all families are prepared for the unpredictable weather ahead.

Safety is our priority and we ask that parents use extreme caution during this winter should we receive substantial amounts of snowfall. If it is deemed that a child cannot travel safely to school/out-of-school care, parents should make advance alternate arrangements for their child. Parents are encouraged to have prearranged plans in the event of an unexpected school closure as the centers will not be accessible to WCAS. In rare instances, where a school closure is warranted, our centers will also be closed. Please tune into your local radio stations (CKNW AM 980 and CKWX AM 1130) for announcements of school closures.

We will make every attempt to keep our centers open, however our programs may be affected if staff cannot travel safely to work (ie. all transit services suspended) or we do not have access to our centers. We will do our best in communicating any changes or closures to parents as soon as possible. Please provide your center coordinators with your most up-to-date email address/phone number so you can receive communication in such events. Additionally, if weather conditions deteriorate throughout the day and create a concern for the safety of our kids returning home, our staff will try to communicate with parents ahead of time so that parents can make other arrangements to ensure that their child is safely picked up from our centers by 6pm. We encourage parents to have a pick-up plan in place. Parents must contact our centers to notify our staff of any pick-up changes.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. With your cooperation and support related to our winter weather procedures, we can achieve safe conditions for all.


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