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Internal Transfers

December 7th, 2017

RE: Internal Transfers

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As you are aware, majority of our centers are located on elementary school grounds in New Westminster. Elementary schools in New Westminster only go up to grade 5. Once your child is in grade 6, they will be enrolled in a middle school. As such, we may not have an out-of-school care program available at your child’s middle school. If you wish to continue having your child attend their current center, they are eligible to continue enrollment until the age of 12. However, parents will be responsible for making prior arrangements to ensure that their child is safely transported to and from school as well as to and from the center. Every child attending our centers must check in and be recorded on the attendance sheet. It is the parents’ responsibility to sign the child in every morning and sign out the child out when they leave the center. Please notify the Team Coordinators at your center of any changes in advance.

Additionally, some families may wish to be transferred to our middle school location. Please note that this transfer is not automatic, parents must make a request to be transferred and spots are not guaranteed. If you wish to be place on an internal transfer list to one of our facilities located at a middle school, please contact your Team Coordinator for more information. Please note that there is currently a waitlist on our internal transfer list so please plan accordingly.

Thank you for your continued enrollment and support of the work that we do here at WCAS.


Westminster Children’s Afterschool Society 811 Royal Avenue, New Westminster P: 604-540-1688 E:


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