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Summer Registration Open for 2024

Is your child ready for adventure, new experiences and fun? Join us over the summer months for our summer day camps!

The locations we will have operational this Summer are listed below. If you are interested in having your child join us for any time during July and August of 2024 please reach out to the facility of your choice listed below to inquire with the Team Coordinator of that facility about any space that may be available still.

Operational facilities during July & August of 2024

  • Dragons Grove, located at Connaught Heights Elementary School, Contact person is Dave and the email address :

  • Griffins Alley, located at Glenbrook Middle School, Contact person is Ashley and the email address is :

  • Kids Korner, located at Qayqayt Elementary School. Contact person is Heba and the email address is :

  • QE Clubhouse, located at Queensborough Middle School. Contact person is Demi & the email address is :

  • Hilltop Hideaway located at Skwo:wech Elementary School. Contact person is Cheryl & the email address is :

WCAS facilities are inclusive environments were all children are welcomed, supported, and valued. Please be sure to let us know, when inquiring about space in our Summer camp, if your child has any diverse needs to ensure adequate staffing which will allow them to participate meaningfully in all aspects of our child care program. 


We look forward to hearing from and getting to know you and your children this Summer!


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