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New WCAS Facility to open in Queensborough

WCAS is thrilled to announce that we will be opening our 10th facility, Kids Borough, in the Spring of 2020.

The facility will offer more families and children within New Westminster access to our quality child care programs.

Kids Borough will be housed in the portables that are on the North side of the Queensborough Middle School. There will be between 30- 40 School Aged child care spaces available.

The initial applications and inspections associated with opening a Licensed Child Care Facility are still being completed, as such we do not yet know the final maximum capacity or have an exact opening date.

WCAS currently has a waitlist for the Queensborough area and families from this list with eligible children will be contacted via email and offered a space at Kids Borough. Any remaining open spaces will be available to families on a first come/first served basis until the maximum capacity of the Centre has been reached.

Any families wanting more information or wishing to add their names to the Queensborough waitlist, please contact


Westminster Children’s After School Society


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